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Executive Committee for 2010 – 2011 July 25, 2010

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At the AGM at the end of June a new executive was elected. From the previous committee, Kylie O’Hara (Secretary) and Dominique O’Brien were both unavailable for re-election – they will be missed. New people to the executive are parents of rowers, Bruce Eldridge and Simon Melgren.

The AGM was preceded by a BBQ breakfast that was well attended by supporters, rowers and parents.

President: Brian Parr
Commodore: Lloyd Widdison
Captain: Brian Hawthorne
Treasurer: Emma Burte
Secretary: TBA
Committee: Andy Swaney, David Simpson, John Pash, Simon Melgren and Bruce Eldridge

Breakfast BBQ and AGM – 27 June, 2010 June 18, 2010

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All rowers, parents and supporters are invited to attend a BBQ breakfast from 9:15AM on Sunday, 27 June following our normal morning training sessions.

After eating and mixing we will hold our Annual General Meeting to elect the officers for the 2010 – 2011 season. This is timed to start at 10:30AM.

Brian Hawthorne
Captain, Waitemata Rowing Club

New Zealand Community Trust approves $$ for a new coxed quad/four March 21, 2010

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The New Zealand Community Trust recently approved our application for funding to purchase of a new coxed quad/four.

The new boat is expected to be in the shed in 3 – 4 months. Just in time for the next regatta season.

Upgrade to the shower/toilet areas January 21, 2010

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The club was notified in December that we were successful with an application to the Perry Foundation for funding to assist with an extensive upgrade to the men’s and women’s shower/toilet areas.

When completed there will be new vinyl flooring throughout and in the men’s block, new wall lining in the shower area (and possibly partitions), a new toilet cistern and an automatic flushing system for the urinal. The women’s area will get a new vanity/handbasin installation and more space through removal of the partition. A storage cupboard will be created in their area to hold cleaning materials and supplies.

Preliminary work has been started by Andy Swaney …

Women's area.jpg

Men's block.jpg

The club’s trailer responds to TLC January 21, 2010

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Our trailer recently received a long overdue dose of ‘tender loving care’ by John and Thomas ( novice) Hallwright. Many thanks to John for taking the initiative and spending a whole weekend working on the trailer. He and Thomas removed rust, applied rust preventative and painted all the frame work. John also replaced wheel bearings.

The result is shown below –


And now for the yellow paint around the sides!!!!!!!!

2010 – January Training Camps January 20, 2010

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We had two camps – one for the Senior scullers who spent several days at Mercer negotiating the mighty Waikato River and a second camp, held over 7 days at the club, for the novice rowers.

For those who lasted the distance the benefits are obvious.

A photograph, or two………

the coach boat proved a problem for the Mercer Camp –

the ‘survivors’ a day or so after the Novice Camp


Rebecca in action at the 2009 Inter Provincial regatta at Lake Karapiro December 28, 2009

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Photographs taken by Alison and Brian …….. Enjoy

Click Here to View The Video Titled: Rebecca in action at the 2009 Inter Provincial regatta

Recent Regatta Results November 30, 2009

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WOpen 4X 3rd Dominique, Laura, Hana, Rebecca WClub 1X 1st Rebecca
WOpen 1X 2nd Dominique
3rd Hana
4th Laura
5th Rebecca
WOpen 2X 1st Dominique/Laura

Our Novice girls raced for the first time without great success but they enjoyed the experience.

KRI SPRING REGATTA (21-22 November, 2009)
A Finals
WClub 1X – Rebecca 4th
WPrem 2X – 7th
WSen 1X – Rebecca 2nd
B Final
WPrem 1X – Dominique – 4th

NORTH SHORE REGATTA (28 November, 2009)
WOpen2X Laura/Dominique 4th
WOpen1X Dominique 2nd
Laura 3rd
Rebecca 4th
MNov8 Craig, Jamie K., Kieran, Jamie N.
Nick, Scott, James, Ethan 3rd
WClub1X Rebecca 1st
MNov4+ Nick, Jamie N., Kieran, Ethan 4th

The Novice boys had their first races and probably learned a thing or two about how competitive this sport is. Unfortunately the girls’ crews encountered misfortunes of the ‘collision’ variety and were frustrated in their efforts to be up with the leaders. Just like the boys they now realize how competitive rowing can be.

Rebecca is having a great start to the racing year and she has clearly improved on her efforts of last season.

Next regatta is at Mercer on December 5 and our Novice crews will be competing.

And now for some photographs………provided by Rebecca

Novice girls getting ready




Waitemata Rowing Club – ‘Beginnings’ September 13, 2009

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Craig Doughty (President, coach and past Waitemata rower) has compiled a great piece recording the formation of our club. Read on………



Prior to the formation of the New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association, and the institution of local associations with full powers in the control of rowing events at regattas, there was, in addition to one or two freelance crews, a body voluntarily constituted by the Auckland, (formed before the present club) North Shore and Ponsonby Rowing Clubs, and known as the Auckland Rowing Association, and later as the Northern Rowing Union, but having no power over regatta committees, who framed their own rules. As one rule read – “Three starters or no race,” it not infrequently happened that those crews who deemed their chance of winning too uncertain would not go to the post, and therefore no race. Feelings of bitterness and rancor arose in consequence.

On one Regatta Day, after the race had been abandoned, a meeting of rowing men took place in the grounds of the old Graving Dock. Feeling was running pretty high when the late Mr. W. G. Smith, our Grand Old Man, and for many years Vice-Commodore of the Club, in a characteristic manner (he was always a straight hitter) exclaimed “You’re a jolly lot of cocktails. I’ll find a crew that will not be afraid to take a licking.”

Mr. W. G. Smith
Founder of the Waitemata Boating Club 1883

“W.G,” ever a determined fighter, lost no time in making good his word. A meeting was convened, the response being altogether encouraging, and the Waitemata Boating Club was launched upon a career that has been a strenuous one, but withal, one to be proud and jealous of.

In the “New Zealand Herald” of October 17th 1883, there appeared the following paragraph. “the owners of the Whaleboat built by Baileys are thinking of forming a new Rowing Club.
A week later this advertisement was inserted once again into the New Zealand Herald.


Formation of New Rowing Club
“A meeting of those interested in the above will be held
in the Waitemata Hotel this (Wednesday) evening the 24th
October at 8 o’clock
(Sgnd.) W. G. Smith,
Sec.pro tem.”

The meeting was duly reported thus:-
“A largely attended meeting was held last evening at the Waitemata Hotel to consider the advisability of forming a new rowing club. Mr. G. Gapes was elected to chair and briefly referred to the object for which the meeting had been called. After some discussion it was resolved that a Club be formed, to be called the “Waitemata Boating Club,’ and that it shall consist of an unlimited number of members. The annual subscription was fixed at 20/-with no entrance fee. A sub-committee consisting of Messrs Smith, Moore, McKay, Brannigan and Clark were appointed to draw up rules and by-laws, and report to a meeting to be held on the following Wednesday evening, when the election of officers will also take place.”

Another meeting was held on October 31st 1883, the Press report reading:-
“A largely attended and enthusiastic meeting took place at the Club Room, Waitemata Hotel. Mr. McDonald occupied the chair. The secretary read the report of the sub-committee together with the rules and by-laws which had been prepared. These after some minor alterations were adopted. A letter was read from the Hon. Sec of the A.R.A stating that the new club would be admitted to membership.”
“The following gentlemen were then elected to fill the various officers of the club”:-
Commodore: M. E. Mitchelson
Vice Commodore: Mr. R.E. Isaacs
Captain: Mr. W. J. MacDonald
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. W. G. Smith
Hon Secretary: Mr. Mr. G. Gapes
Committee: Messrs Clark, McKay, Findlay, G Moore, and E Moore.
Auditors: Messrs Jenkins and Brannigan.
“It was resolved to enter the Club’s whaleboat, the “Young Colonial,” for the Whau Regatta to be held on the 9th November 1883.

It was no mean achievement to launch successfully anything new in any department of activities in those days (the depression of the early 1880’s) as so many of the best of the younger generation had migrated to Australia which was then experiencing a boom. But “W.G” assisted by a few enthusiasts threw himself heart and soul into the new venture with the result that, by the time the following season opened, the Club was strong enough to enter upon a career that put it at once in the forefront, and made its name one to conjure with throughout New Zealand.

W.G Smith ever maintained his interest in the Blue and Gold’s. No appeal for advice and assistance ever met with a refusal, often both were given unsought. The loss of his genial and cheering personality was keenly felt by all those who had the privilege of associating with him. His memory is kept green within the club with the W.G. Smith Shield, donated by him whilst still amongst us on February 21st 1914 to commemorate the opening of the, then new, boat shed in Mechanics Bay.

You can download this file by clicking on the link below –

WRC_HOW THE Rowing Club was formed.doc

WOW!!!!!!! FOUR, 2009 WORLD CHAMPION ROWING CREWS August 31, 2009

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Waitemata Rowing Club applauds the fine performances of the NZ Rowing team at the 2009 World Championships held in Poznan, Poland.

The list of medal performances this year from Junior, U23 and Elite crews has been truly capped off by the winning efforts of Mahe Drysdale (1X), Hamish Bond & Eric Murray (2-), Duncan Grant (LW1X) and Peter Taylor & Storm Uru (LW2X).

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE – Your performances are inspiring